Esperanza Gama was born and educated in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, graduating from the

School of Fine Arts at the University of Guadalajara with a BFA in 1984. She was appointed

Professor of Painting and Drawing at the Cabanas Cultural Institute in Guadalajara in 1985.


    After moving to Paris, France in 1988, Gama studied printmaking and drawing for two years at

the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Chaville, France. During this period, she completed interior design

commissions in Paris, Marseilles and Cannes that featured her figurative drawings and paintings.

In 1990, Gama began traveling throughout Southeast Asia, completing a course in Chinese

painting at Gakukaie Sumie Center in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. Since 1994, she has worked and

resided in Chicago, Illinois.




    Some recent solo and joint exhibitions include: Poetas y Pintores, a joint exhibition traveling throughout the United States that was organized by Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana and opened there in January 2006; an April 2006 solo exhibition, Los Magicos, in which Gama became the first Latina to exhibit at the Union League Club Gallery in Chicago; a landmark August-November 2006 joint exhibition, Caras Vemos, Corazones No Sabemos: The Human Landscape of Mexican Migration, curated by Amelia Malagamba-Ansótegui, Professor of Art History at Arizona State University, that opened at the Smite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame and is currently traveling throughout the United States and Mexico; a November 2006 solo exhibition, To the Queen of the Sun and the Moon, an installation celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Snite Museum of Art; and a Day of the Dead installation dedicated to Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz, a 17th century Mexican religious sister, poet and feminist, in a joint exhibition at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago that opened in September 2007. Early in November 2007, Gama was artist-in-residence at the National Institute for Hispana Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado.